Steps for financial advice

Steps for financial advice

steps for financial advice

What are the steps for financial advice? Everyone we see are completely unique. No one we see receives the same financial advice. The most important part of the advice process is to understand your goals, aspirations and lifestyle desires. As it forms the basis of the plans we create to help you live the life you want.
The first step is getting to know us before you commit to your personal plan. That is why, your first appointment is free and we will not put any expectations on you.

After all, it’s your life and money so you need to feel completely comfortable. To make sure you have the best experience there are a series of steps we need to go through before working out your personal strategy with you.

Step 1. Our first meeting (approximately 1 hour)

All we do in our first meeting is get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. We simply have a talk about:

your lifestyle and financial goals
what and who is important to you
where you stand financially
what you want your money to do for you
We’ll tell you about the services we provide, ways we can help and our background. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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Step 2. The detail

This is when we take a much closer look into your financial situation and get into the finer details. The more information you can share with us, the better we can make sure we cover all bases for you.

What you need to do

Step 3. The bigger picture

Based on the information you provided, we look over it and compare against your circumstances, financial goals, priorities and lifestyle and use this information to prepare a complete personal financial overview and assessment.

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Step 4. Your strategy

After you have decided to go ahead with advice, we will prepare a financial strategy based on the
goals and circumstances you have given us. Your strategy include everything we have discussed up to this point and set out a plan to assist you make the life you want.

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Step 5. Keeping you on track

We won’t just provide you with the advice and leave it for you to do by yourself, we implement your chosen strategies for you and make sure they are working effectively.

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